Gennifer's operation

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Med venlig hilsen Enrico

- Opdateret 08/07-14

It was in July 2009, when Gennifer “AeAe” Caballero was born in Camarines Sur, Bicol.... She was the first born child of Grace & Jun… It is heart breaking for them when they learn that their bundle of joy was born with defect - she has a cleft palate. . When Gennifer turned 2 years old, her father ran away and left their family in exchange for another family.. Life became harder for them since then. Gennifer’s mother had no choice but to live alone and support Gennifer all by herself. She looked for a job from different places until she came to Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. To earn a living her mother works as waitress in a restaurant in the town and decided to stay here for good. Hans, Enrico’s old-time friend love Philippines so much that he has built a small house in Hondura, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro... this is same area where Hans and Gennifer’s mother is living. Eventually, Hans saw Gennifer and was affected of their situation. The poor little girl cannot talk & speak words clearly because of a “ hole” in her palate… Hans felt sad for her because her mother do not have means to bring Gennifer to specialist and make her condition better So when Hans went back to Denmark last May 10, 2014, told his friend Enrico about Gennifer’s story and showed some of the girl’s picture.. As soon as Enrico saw Gennifer’s case he immediately sent emails to get approval so they could help this young girl. He asked his office in Manila to do all possible, to assist and have this young girl brought to a good hospital for .. Enrico wanted her to have a normal life so he is eager to help…. Searched for different hospitals and professionals were done. Dr. Eutrapio Guevarra a 65- year old doctor with specialization on Otolaryngology for 39 years, was chosen to be the chief medical specialist on Gennifer’s case. And it will be at St. Luke’s Medical Center where Gennifer will have her ..

The doctor diagnosed Gennifer, he regret that this kind of operation is already too late for Gennifer’s age…He explained that ideally it should have been done when she was 2 years old...

He required Gennifer to have a clearance from a Pediatrician that will make sure she will be in peak of health and will be fit to undergo surgery... He referred Dra. Minette Bautista to check on Gennifer.

After the Pedia consultation, Gennifer was given medication for cough and cold and some vitamins to make her body strong…

Her Pedia also required Gennifer to be checked by a dentist to make sure that her oral health is okay and that there should be no problems with her teeth prior to the operation..

Gennifer had series of check-ups, laboratory tests, & follow-up treatment at St. Luke’s Medical Center that lasted for a month, so the mother and child had to travel all the way down from Puerto Galera to Manila back & forth..

Finally on June 19, her doctor has gave approval for the mouth surgery scheduled on June 21.. Gennifer was admitted at the hospital a day before her operation..

The operation and repair of her palate took more than 7 seven hours. The doctors also put a “surgical obturator” inside her mouth as protection for infection and for her wound to heal fast..

Everybody is happy, the operation went well. After 4 days, Gennifer was sent home and by this time while you read this letter, she is on her recovery...

May. 12 Bank fee 175,000-174,100 pesos900,00
May. 08Transpo Capitol Medical Center / Phil. Children's Medical 150,00
May. 12Consultation Fee - Dr. Eutrapio Guevarra (Surgeon) 500,00
 Mira - Transpo at St. Lukes 200,00
May. 14Mira - sim & phone cards 615,00
May. 16 Lunch - pick-up Grace & Gennifer in CBO 398,00
 Mira - Transpo 390,00
 Grace & Gennifer food & transpo May 16-17 500,00
May. 17Consultation Fee - Dra. Minette Bautista (Pediatician) 500,00
 Gennifer - Chest X-Ray 882,00
 Meals 308,00
 Transpo 288,00
 Medicines 841,75
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo May 17-18 300,00
May. 27Consultation Fee - Dra. Minette Bautista (Pediatician) 500,00
 Gennifer - Tuberculin Skin Test 617,40
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo May 27 517,00
 Medicines 2.225,00
 Meals 205,00
 Transpo from LRT D. Jose -St. Lukes 229,00
May. 28Dentist check-up 1.400,00
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo May 28-29 500,00
May. 29Consultation Fee - Dra. Minette Bautista (Pediatician) 500,00
 Gennifer - Surgical Mask 150,00
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo May 28-29 addnl 300,00
 Mira - transpo 200,00
June. 17Consultation Fee - Dra. Minette Bautista (Pediatician) 500,00
 Mira- Transpo 200,00
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo from P. Galera- June 17 641,00
June. 18Consultation Fee - Dr. Eutrapio Guevarra (Surgeon) 500,00
 Gennifer - Complete Blood Count 441,00
 Gennifer - Clotting Time 352,80
 Gennifer - Bleeding Time 793,80
 Gennifer - Blood Typing 390,00
 Gennifer - Partial Thromboplastin Time 882,00
 Gennifer - Prothrombin Time 617,40
 Gennifer - Urinalysis 270,00
 Gennifer - Chest Pediatric Test 882,00
 Mira/Grace /Gennifer- food 318,00
 Mira - Transpo 255,00
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo June 17-19 700,00
June. 19Consultation Fee - Dra. Minette Bautista (Pediatician) 500,00
 Consultation Fee - Dr. Eutrapio Guevarra (Surgeon) 500,00
 Obtulator - 1 pc (c/o Dr. Ronaldo Reyes) 7.500,00
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo June 19 500,00
 Medicines- Cherifer 400,00
 Mira - transpo,meals 430,00
June. 20Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo June 20 500,00
 Mira - transpo/food 400,00
June. 21Mira/Joy - food 185,00
 Grace / Gennifer : Food & transpo June 21 500,00
 Mira - transpo/ phone card 372,00
June. 23Dr. Jose Torio - Anesthesiologist - Partial 18.000,00
 Dr. Eutrapio Guevarra - Surgeon - Partial 45.000,00
 Mira/Joy - food 356,00
 Mira/oy - transpo 200,00
June. 24St. Luke's Hospital Bill 
 Room & Board 3.998,40
 Central Sterile Supply 5.571,35
 Clinical Equipment 2.381,40
 Hematology 882,00
 Institute of Pulmonary Medicine 617,40
 Operating Room - Main 67.817,88
 Pharmacy - Dispensing and Compounding 9.450,29
 Less / Adjustment : 
 Adjustment - Returned Medicine / Supplies (165,11)
 Cancellation - Returned Medicine / Supplies (299,16)
 Professional Fees additional : 
 Dr. Eutrapio Guevarra - Surgeon 5.000,00
 Dr. Jose Torio - Anesthesiologist 2.000,00
 Dra. Minette Bautista - Pediatician 9.000,00
 Medicines 1.257,75
 Mira - transpo 242,00
July. 04Consultation fee - Dr. Guevarra 300,00
 Mira - Transpo 170,00
 Grace/ Gennifer - food & transpo 500,00
TOTAL  205926 PHP
TOTAL  26000 DKK

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